Only have 5 minutes before your next project/interview/assignment/task?
Don’t sweat it, this will only take 1.

  1. Sit or stand tall wherever you are, press your feet into the ground beneath you and note the vibration of the earth’s energy holding you in place.
  2. Close your eyes; bring your hands to your belly
  3. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and notice your hands moving away from each other as the breath completely fills the belly.
  4. Exhale through the mouth and notice how the hands come back towards one another, as the breath leaves.
  5. Pause, before inhaling again through the nose and drag the breath deeper into the belly, allowing it to fill every crevice and then exhale through the mouth allowing the belly to constrict and tighten, pulling the belly button towards the spine. (This is called *Diaphragmatic Breathing, with each inspiration as the lungs fill with air, the diaphragm moves downwards allowing the belly to rise, making room for the air that is pulled into the lungs. This process continues, ceaselessly, day in and day out without our conscious awareness.)
  6. Now, here comes the mindfulness part, continue breathing as mentioned above and take notice. What do you feel?  Do not allow yourself to get attached to the sensations, just notice: your shoulders softening, released tension in the neck and jaw, extra space between the ribs, the absence of the breath in the tiny moment between the inhale and exhale. Do be aware of the texture of the breath as air moves in warming on the inhale, cooling on the exhale … again refrain from creating stories or attachment to these sensations; notice them come and let them go without judgment.

Regular practice of mindfulness allows us clarity of mind and body, gives us the ability to stay present and cultivates a strong and resilient shield against stress, dis-ease and anxiety.